Membership Fees and Affiliation

As a member of the club, you automatically (on payment of fees) become an affiliated bowler, Affiliation is in this instance means registered.

As from July 2017, Full Bowling Membership is $120 per annum

You become registered with: Membership Fees
National Body Bowls Australia (BA) $14.13
State Body Bowls Queensland (BQ) $42.00
District Body Brisbane North District Bowls Assoc (BNDBA)Brisbane North District Ladies Bowls (BNDLBA) $14.00 (Mens and Ladies)
Your Club Bramble Bay Bowls & Recreation (BBB&R) $49.00


Membership Fees:

The membership fees are paid on joining, or becoming annually due on 30th June, payable by 31st July each year.

The annual membership fee may vary by alterations to any affiliated Bodies fee, or a vote of the members at a Special Half-Yearly meeting of the Incorporated Club, or a recommendation from the Men’s Bowls Club.

Green Fees:

Green fees are the contribution by playing members toward maintenance of the greens and surrounds of the club.

Currently set at $15.00 per player, these fees cover green maintenance, catering for afternoon or morning teas, (lunches are included in special event fees) and for trophy payouts at the conclusion of the days play.

Social Membership of the Club Incorporated:

Social Members shall be entitled to the privileges of membership, except they shall not be entitled to hold any office of the Club, not be entitled to nominate members for election to any position in the club nor take part in or vote at meetings of the club.

Social Members shall not be entitled to nominate anyone into membership of the Club nor shall they be entitled to play bowls, except by invitation of the Board or Men’s, Ladies and Veterans Club.

Social members shall not be under eighteen (18) years of age.

The Social Membership fees are paid on joining, or annually ($5.00) due on 30th June, payable by 31st July each year.